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The aim of the VFL Club is to continue the camaraderie and fellowship formed while actively involved in VFL/AFL football and to lend support to a charity each year. Members are also encouraged to use the services of fellow members in their day to day business activities, where possible.

Membership Criteria

Full Member:

Membership can be offered to any player, coach, administrator or official of a VFL/AFL club who has served a particular club for a minimum period of 5 years. A new member must be nominated by an existing full member and further must be accepted by the VFL Club committee.

Associate Member:

Any person known to a full member who can assist the club in its endeavours to assist charitable organisations, providing they have attended at least 2 VFL Club events as a guest, can be nominated for Associate membership. A majority of current members must be in agreeance prior to an associate member being admitted.

Membership Benefits

  • Priority seating at all VFL Club functions (Full member only)
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Company recognition on VFL Club website
  • Members discount to attend the Christams Lunch – last Friday in November